When I get the opportunity to do so I love to travel and capture love. I'm originally from Long Island, New York but my husband and I have been living in coastal North Carolina for years now after he got out of the Marine Corps. We now have a little family of our own and we couldn't imagine ourselves anywhere else!

I grew up always having a camera in my household whether it be a polaroid or a disposable camera. My family is big on photography and someone was always taking pictures to document every little moment. My mom has bins and bins filled with photo albums from over the years of me and my siblings and extended family and it's something that I love to have. Being able to go back and look at all the memories that were created is so special. It's something I hope to do for you and your loved ones as well!

I'm Danielle

I'm a Coastal photographer based out of North Carolina but always traveling

First off, I want you guys to feel comfortable but also have a great time. I like to capture those intimate romantic moments but also expect some piggy back rides, funny faces, light jogging, you get the picture. I am totally NOT kidding. A photoshoot with me is like a day at the playground. If you enjoy a mutual feeling of relaxed and fun, than this sounds like we'd be the best of friends! Reach out below to inquire for some good old fun!

what it's like to work with me

book now

I have watched The Vampire Diaries about 30x including The Originals and I still cry at so many parts of the shows and will continue to re binge them for as long as I'm able to.

when I'm not snapping photos

You can catch me at home with my little family watching movies, making pizza, popcorn, or we are always on the go most would say. A favorite place of ours is being at the beach. We are beach bums usually all year round. Our favorite is the Outer Banks or Topsail beach. My husband and I have been together for what seems like forever! Our boys are my reason why. They are my everything and always come first in my life. I am the definition of a mama bear. 

I really do love adventure.

My zodiac sign is Cancer 

I started traveling to a few places on my bucket list in 2021 and hope to continue traveling to new locations and being able to photograph all of the in-love couples while visiting!

 I refuse to drink hot coffee, ever. 

I love a good iced caramel latte w/ oat milk

Obsessed with some vampires


officially started my business 


Our second babe was born


Married my best friend


Our first babe was born

Our Best Adventure